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most frequent in those of a neuropathic tendency. Sexual excesses, mas-

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Quersant, Surgeon to the Children's Hospital in Paris, introduced

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cease to marry, until children receive the proper amount and kind of food

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it obligatory on him to bring often to the notice of his class, the

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changes, it is presumed, were occasioned by the constant obstruc-

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of colchicum with spirits of jiitre and nitrate of potash, in such proportion

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The evaporation was very great, except during the short periods

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younger persons, and paralysis occurs early. The patient has no tendency

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it by using the great master tissue, the nerves, on

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duced by irritation of the dental branch of the fifth pair of nerves.

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next by the specialists in pathology, a science that

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the object of informing himself upon matters relating to his peculiar

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In Rabbit 33 the left adrenal was found bound down by firm adhesions.

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mjudicious pecuniary arrangements, entered into in the first in-

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considerable attention to detail. The results should be better in

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took up his pen with reluctance ; and it was only at the earnest

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Observedarea 2.3 1.4 1.0 1.0 0.9 0.5 . 7 Cicatrization

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Schflppel has proven that a f^crofulous gland U a tuberculous gland. Tubercles stud the glands, which

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A brief mention of some of the most notable advances

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Thyroid 1. — No change was observed up to the 8th day. Four died in 40, 43,

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the great vessels are given off from it The large veins were all

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exudation may cover the convexity of the brain as a firm membrane or a

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examination showed that only in No. 11 were progressive pathological changes

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ference so generally given to the water procured from the latter

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fail to discover some organic cause which acts virtually as an im-

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diagnosis. As the temperature rises, nausea, vomiting, and epigastric

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* Recently the phosphate* have been more recommended than cod-liver oil. The fluorides and arsenic

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how well founded are all his hopes and fears with respect to adhe-

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noisy respiration, was placed under the care of a homospathic prac«*

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