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several days, and did not die till the end of a week. Air-bubbles were

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recoveries. From this time on cases multiplied rapidly,

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operation is repeated until the injection begins to drop out from the upper

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Owing to the miscarriage of a letter sent to the Commission

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ably to wetting of these parts with saccharine urine. Finally, there

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ducing atrophy of the centers, and if very thoroughly done the

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Jl; -pa'n over coccyx In early life, abscess over sacrum for two

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* Read by title In the Section of Materia Medlca, Pharmacy and

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completely in the neutral medium, but exceedingly well

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toxins are not limited to animal products, and should not

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to drink freely, and the food should be liquid; the patient con-

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monly successful that the principle was utilized in

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hospital, 29 dsaths, 17 suspects and 402 "contacts." Inocula-

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Tetanus. — Jacob Tiller, motorman of one of the traction

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Titles marked with an asterlak (*) are noted below.

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hot season after the rains, and protection against mosquito

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be reasonably accurate in his observations. Surgeons

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practice, and some patients permanently, besides wliich nine

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* Presented to tbe Section on Hygiene and Sanitary Science,

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phlogistically, without producing any relief. She had syphilis fourteen

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complexes are due to perversion or cessation of the

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months in his lower extremities, the disease attacked his arms, trunk, and

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of pure water is that it will issolve, and thus help to

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a very clear effect of this failure of the skin. The

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of the diamond-shaped denudation were shown, as the sharp

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112. Chloretone. — Siter recommends the use of chloretone

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vacancy caused by the death of Dr. J. M. Da Costa. Dr. Pack-^

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attention, and although we may not- be prepared to admit with him the ex-

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the penile cases with an opening near the glans. The

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head elevated; expression of anxiety; nostrils dilate during inspiration;

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sutures in tiers somewhat on the plan of Marcy's method

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of investigation and demonstrated to be a malady of

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Typhoid F«v«r; Frepnaacy; Miscarriage at Seven and a

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Hamack,' however, believes that the indicanuria fol-

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which quinin is the most common determining cause of in-

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inflammation, from some of the contents escaping into the peritoneum. In

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