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Three weeks later, the patient returned with recurrence of the
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In many of the cases there was a very manifest lessening of the
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propylammonium chloride decreased the tonus of the blood-vessel. These
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made ? Not by the poor surely, for professional attendance
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Case 113. — W. L. S., a man, aged fifty-two years, who had a moderate
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Zummel et Fox.. Symptomes d'occlusion intestinale accompagnee de con-
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hand is there any increase such as might have occurred if the
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to call it, since it was sometimes present in patients of 45 or even 34 apart
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toralis major muscle also became enlarged to the size of an almond.
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being moved to another room. At 8 p.m. he had complete aphasia and
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were necessary. With smaller amounts the reading was apt to be
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million. It was also found that intravenous inoculation of small doses
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metabolism work. The first ten tables are the usual ones for gas-correction.
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with icterus showed either a prolonged or increased alimentary hyper-
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both vagi were cut. Before the injection the blood-pressure was
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neuritis subsided. There are also cases on record of misuse of thyroid
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molecules of tryptophane become linked together with the elimination of
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the ' glandular collapse ' characterized by the presence within the glandular
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patchy areas of dullness, with bronchial breathing and increased voice
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(B. coll) employed to remove it ; (2) it may come from proteins. The utility
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to resolve rapidly. If anything, the opposite seemed to be the
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barrassed in the application of remedies, and know not how
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signs of reaction were observed than in those which showed no reaction.
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also are the obturator internus and the psoas muscles. A haematoma
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of the natives. Noland and Watson (1913), who, during the construction of
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is some evidence for the assumption that the methaemoglobin-producing
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two fists seemed to diminish very rapidly after existing 15 years, and the
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{Diseases of the Lung, New York, 1907) recognizes a confluent
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remarked that in so far as the authors claim that deficiency of fat-soluble
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The patient, W. K., white, aged twenty-three years, single, teamster,
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The cerebral substance of normal guinea-pigs has not this effect. On
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might happen — an accident to the children, for example — but that
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blood-culture or Widal's reaction, the development of pulmonary symptoms
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receptors of a species other than those in response to which it was developed.

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