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bone. In one case the replaced bone failed to unite, and was
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days. When he came to himself he was completely mute, though
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David A. Shapiro, 1017 O’Connor Blvd.. #D, Monticello 47960
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when lifting the stretcher with the patient upon it, when halting
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This work is an important contribution to our historical literature — '■ a volume." asys
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need. Use Cord. Ext.Ol.Morrhuae Comp.(Hagee) as your routine reconstructive— the results will please.
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principal pioneers in the formation of the County Society, but died
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No. 7, glass barrel, graduation engraved on barrel, with screw nut on piston, nickel- Postage,
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weather. When the latter prevails, the density of the air causes a
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as ix)ssible that a great deal of discussion on this question makesl
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Carus — Sopor conftans cum infenfibilitate refpira*
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was heard at the apex, but this disappeared as the condition
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of the pelvis and held there, the cervix and vaginal
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the objects which they kept in view by a variety of methods.
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the United States with the expression of a " firm reliance on
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that speaks well for the progressiveness of the house. A copy will be
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eurgeon's hands are tied and he is powerless. These useful agents, which in
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Address all inquiries and communications to £:r-ory S. Hunt, 117 Medical
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F.R.C.S.I., .Surgeon to Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital. London :
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Any clew by which the authorship of a dissertation is made
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PSROs To Review Medicaid Cases — Resolution #23 “C’’
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obstinately costive, and lavements produced no action : but since
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according to the nature of the case and its complications.
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satisfied with the course of events, the discontented husband
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these articles of diet, there should be a variety of food if

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