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The diagnosis he aids by placing at the beginning of the

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the highways for tick infected stock nor from turning such out

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fourth it is not very difficult to understand how it might escape.

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gi owth bearing every characteristic of the cancerous change

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kennel may retain infection indefinitely especially if there is a

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tants without danger of encrease of congestion or diarrhoea.

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diabetes and had been under treatment for some time all were free from

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to spread. The absence of tubercolosis is highly complimentary

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the board will make application to the Secretary of War be

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shown symptoms by which he could recognize the disease in life.

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concludes that the parietal peritoneum has no pressure sense Druck

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Report of Two Cases of Syphilis with Remarks Relative

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and have noted progressive retardation after quinidin.

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Bacillus Tuberculosis in Man and Ox. Points of Similarity.

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and fenced farms but where no authoritative measures are in

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however the period of renal insufficiency the active phase directly

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thermia though the temperature may rise gradually to a high

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ganate of potassium an antidote for poisoning by morphin.

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her. Have tried to get her picture but have no plates fast

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horses and mules it failed to reach Vancouver Island. It ravaged

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pneumatic cabinet the principle of which is to diminish the air

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cattle and other streptococcic infections seems to corroborate this

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so regulate our commerce that the evil could be reduced to a

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cated. The definition must be general the moment phagocy

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ease appears to be almost as mooted a question as at any time

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chases expose a few as a test cleanliness disinfectants avoid watershed

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then rise again. During febrile periods constipation was obstinate and there

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include such a wide field in a textbook of 835 pages.

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same way and in this connection may be named the excitement

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night oils were reapplied on the second lot seven sheep. No

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the same disease. A bacterial cause was proi osed by Arcangelli who

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Third Day Paroxysms of ventricular tachycardia were not present in the

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way to one founded on the direct and discerning study of the

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upon first examination. Group 1 comprised those patients in whom

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A Nicholson sphygmomanometer was used employing the aus

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