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conti'act to omit any appointments which may be taten by A., B. is

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ultimately involves every texture and tissue of the body. Usually

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distinctly as lie did, and this has gradually got worse up to the present

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impulse may be scarcely perceptible; the weakness may be due to

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given by Bowlby in his Injuries and Diseases of Xerves. This

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of the British Pharmacopnsia, especially designed as a Guide

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with confluent small-pox which had invaded the mouth was dead from

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is not equal to carry on the circulation may cause intense dyspnea,

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sodium nitrite, only the weakening effect is more marked.

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after craniotomy, calculated in the same way, is always much

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should be treated, but in some cises persons of this sort were

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day. In early syphilitic periostitis with severe pains 10 to 20 gr.

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known to us when we catch a cold in the head, and in such cases is then

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on the pathology and distribution of atrophic paralysis, in-

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colored spectra, and pain in the eyes are frequently mentioned. They

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through, the flow is considerably increased, often to

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they conform to certain stringent rules, the separation of the

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The hlood-vessch are numerous and iml)cddcd in the trabeculse. A

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June 2'jth. It is, of course, impossible to forecast the con-

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by the action of the bacteria into methan, carbonic acid, acetic acid,

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