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young adults. The exceptions were aged 12 and 16 years respectively.

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static forceps are applied varies from 30 seconds to2 minutes

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and there are a number of giant cells which stain deeply as in

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Bacteriology. The bacillus tuberculosis the essential cause of

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represented in this reproduction shows 110 names carved

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zootics in Europe suggest anthrax affections which prevailed

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normal In other cases it descends a little daily the lowest

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of variable size and usually as secondary formations.

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studied that the low mineral and otherwise faulty content of the diet

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can multiply destructively and where it can gather a virulence

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In Northern Sweden Norway I apland and Finland where

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titioners and it certainly is of one volume works the most

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promising foundation for broad education. I repeat properly

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out discoverable cause he has had paroxysmal attacks of fibrillation since 1916.

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increased acid production that must result from such diets was or was

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disease lasting for years with little or no appreciable advancement

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a drop of aqueous solution of pyoktanin 1 1000 under each lid

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Fever Charbon Miltzbrand Woolsorter s Disease Malignant

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deration of the subject in this place may not be unimportant

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glanders and produces the same sensation as of an aggregation of

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The certainty of results with this method and the comparative

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The excitation wave is found by observation to start in the septum

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increase in number of trabeculae hyaline changes around the arteries. Liver

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diagnostic purposes because in the male the insertion of the

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tion completed by superheating the neck of the vessel containing

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to the disease while the insusceptibility bird tends to obviate it.

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dilatation may be present. Death usually takes place from the

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infection are so rare and the probability of transmission of the

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