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pressure of children living under good conditions is higher than in chil
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are discerned with tolerable clearness sixth dioptric glasses aid the
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worm was described by Sulzer Dr. Bremser however doubts whe
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heavy clays where the water is preiserved through.summer in open
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harmless saprophyte suddenly acquires an unwonted potency
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that defective diet and hydremia play some part in the condition.
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in behalf of all his friends and associates here extends sym
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performing the function of neutralizing poisonous elements.
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poisoning from mercury lead and other metals chronic rheu
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appears alike in the sheepfold and on the open prairie.
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genous to the protozoan fever districts have been described as a
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permissible where the plague is widely spread among cultivated
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thyroid activity was not apparent until about seven days after the
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strated that plant pollens are or may be weakly antigenic.
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closed area. In excess this will cause heat apoplexy and the
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than in cattle and horses. The usual form is the internal one
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auricular activity are shown in Figures 1 and 2. The effect of giving
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the nervous element was strongly marked. The condition is also
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become temporarily the guests of any passing animal. It is
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J. R. Jansen reports that a cow brought from an infected farm
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all one void of lesions in the internal membrane of the vascular
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lightly passed over. The infection is almost always derived
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fered from sore mouth and blisters along the margin of the
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acidity could be accounted for by increased ammonia production and
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contrasted with subsequent experience induces me strongly to
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women together with extraneous factors such as the greater stress of
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Comment. The significant pathologic findings are blood
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continued regularly to increase but it was not until after eight months
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beef cattle so that this is less significant than the congestion of

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