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blood pressure and cause diuresis. Large doses cause sickness vomiting

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herd and extends with equal rapidity over sheep goats and pigs

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found a bacillus that in form and culture experiments closely re

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necessary to repeat the bleeding in the course of the night and

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If allowed at all treatment should be conducted in an isolated

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oculation. Krust found tubercle in 30 per cent of the cows he

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without any apparent ill effect because the losses from the blood and

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The feathers round the anus become soaked and matted with the dis

antabuse-like reaction to alcohol

be no fever and after a while the recurrent type would reappear.

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or by some beneficial Cadeac. If treatment is desired it

antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

They are aerobic facultative anserobic grow freely as trans

drugs causing antabuse-like reaction

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and if introduced is slowly robbed of its virulence by the action

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societies of which they may become members. This society

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the buildings too are accumulations of horse and cattle manure

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onal life are endowed with the inherent function of reproduc

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lymph was applied and usually present the appearance of a raised

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in later years when allowed to remain with the ewes until winter

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presence of anthrax in the locality or in other species will be to

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Viehseuche Pockenseuche German. Pest Bovine T5 phus

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and the pupils are usually widely dilated. The hind limbs are

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warmth youth melting snows freshets drying of wet lands. Symptoms

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a parallel method calves living on milk alone can be taken into

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and veterinarians can be educated up to the needs of the case our

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the apex and occasional extrasystoles when the sinus is in control of the

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supervene the petechise on the visible mucosae and often also the

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supporting in various positions for the last four months. In

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Effect of Air o pin. Intravenous injection of atropin sulphate from

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less the main source of the infection of the pharyngeal lymph

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ment of the muscle fibers dififer from that illustrated by Figure ID.

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eating its way through until it appeared as a much larger denuded

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minutes later there was opisthotonus. Ten minutes later the guinea pig

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The symptoms of rheumatism are often less marked in children

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