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seven have hospital positions three of them being in the Cook

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bailiff in the twelfth year of Henry the Sixth amounted to

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sterilization of harness stable implements halters and all

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other is in as good a condition and is vigorous but it coughs

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and finally in Hemming s solution. After a day in these solu

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these may coalesce or they may form several distinct abscesses

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is clearly a great advance over the use of the ligature in the

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it has been traced to a bacillus like the colon bacillus propagated

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rising straining to urinate or defecate eversion of the rectum

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medical school. In this the change is very pronounced and I

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atic clinical bedside instruction and study only so far turned

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causing nodular consolidations of from one half to one inch in

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while the range was between 82 and 122 per cent of the normal.

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structive changes in the blood and the profuse exudation of liquor

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that the practicability or impracticability of any removal by the

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may be certain that the whole has been destroyed. When new frag

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tainous districts and near Los Angeles Cal. where the disease

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It is however by no means general j and the chief object which

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The lowest vital capacity of the entire series was 64.3 per cent.

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short inspiration and broken or double expirations. In fatal

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bone beneath. The integument of the cheek towards the nosd

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percentage of cases not strictly normal and the dififerences in mental

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It does not follow that these genera would be insusceptible

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Schulze Th. Schwann Helmholtz Pasteur and others forever

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from the home strain the ram must be selected not only for his

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greatly enlarged and completely invested and invaded by tubercle

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The kidneys together weigh 62 gm. The cortical striations are well defined

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