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soon cause it to rise up. In cases of exceptional delicacy of skin a sheet

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very widely in range at the same season or at different seasons. Thus

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lively motions of progression ; the longer threads have a slower sinuous

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So far as diphtheria is concerned, we have first, when membranes

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either stimulants or debilitants, but strongly upheld the view that all

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upon the latter that they emigrate ; or, to put it in other words, are at-

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of subminimal doses of living bacteria, so that we must assume that

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greater shelter which the Downs afford from north-west, north, and

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a small safety pin at each corner. The top sheet and each blanket should

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changes in the peripheral sensory nerves. Herpes has been observed as

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(xiii.) Alassio, twenty-eight miles east of San Remo, is well sheltered

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measures may be instantly adopted, upon safe and sound principles, so

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point the other way, we are forced to assume that during the process of

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can be used, and. the whole utensil is easily cleansed. Stiff paper may

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do better on the Mediterranean coast than elsewhere. This form of

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a personal disposition, as on certain associated states of locality and sea-

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at the margin of the scalp. Where it is spreading there is always a

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In organic nervous diseases they are not to be recommended, unless it

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rectly by the bacilli than produced by intermediary fermentative proc-

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coarse we do not publish all that we might, to satisfy any one how capa-

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on examination, he ascertained that such was not the fact, its whole

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example, it is easily established. For arsenic the toleration is not so

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Ojytic neuritis was found by Randolph of Lonaconing, Maryland, six

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recognised mode of infection, which is by the mouth. All evidence goes

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schools are means provided for this purpose. The miseries and deformi-

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month 80°, mean coolest 59°, relative humidity 78°. Number of rainy

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prescriptions, adapted to the removal of particular states of the system,

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with warmth and moisture, they grow more rapidly than they can be

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" Les Avants as Winter Health Resort," Med. Chron. 1890. —45. Leech, D. J.

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Many of these proteins may be precipitated in an amorphous form

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9. The analogy to this mode of formaiion of the nervous system is

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irritant poisoning. " Dropsy," without evidence of dependence on

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extends, and may be accompanied by suppuration and the appearance

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descent to the Italian lakes or Montreux is permissible in the autumn.

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