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operation of gastroenterostomy is so safe and its results so

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February. She had been perfectly well up to February

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pulsation opening of the sheath passage of the aneurysm needle tying of

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called croup from diphtheritic laryngitis the following objections

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a. Although commixed the varieties of the mucous and crepitating r les may

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Color of Pathological Urine Pale yellow with excessive

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valueless in their separation. Others particularly Macintosh and

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dence of qualificntion for recipi ocal registration in any otlier state.

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swelling up of the interfibrillary substance break up into their primitive

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Uiac fossa is noticed and the abdomen may be painful on pressure. The

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whom the disease is well established Dunn and McNee.

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he considers it certain that the two actions have not a causal connection

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Johannes La Montague a Huguenot gentlenum of learning was a

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Assistant in Biology Montana Fellow in Pathology Chicago Re

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of the pharmacopoeial preparation being given thrice daily.

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in the Chicago Veterinary College veterinary editor of the

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suiHcient reason to return to Aristotle s theory of the forma

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work of extermination. Withhold indemnity and owners

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spinal Fluid Fllowing Intravenous Injection of Solutions of Various Concen

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ties and uncertainties have still given results of the highest

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could be sufificiently raised in the spinal canal. The

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enable Messrs. Putnam to execute all such work at the lowest prices which

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injecting I by means of a spray apparatus water spray strongly charged

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ternus the inner section the tymi anic cavity and the Eustachian tube.

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Case. Interstitial Nephritis Chronic Double Decapsula

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and profusely than the Micrococcus lanceolatus thereby inhibiting

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perfectly well and also of excreting added amounts of sodium chlorid. M

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large forms parts of the peripheral margin are broken off and are found

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in its true character as a dangerous disease which de

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