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is there immediate danger to life. If mastication and swallow
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into the pastures under cover of night and the infection escaped
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This ration at best would only keep the animal in calcium and
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during life as shown by the extensive roinid cell infiltration of the
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ring in horses asses and mules characterized by uarked hyper
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and mostly vigilant with at times pupillary dilatation and flashing.
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cattle placed in this tick infe.sted field up to September 30th ten
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c. Necrosis with mummification dry gangrene or with
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Guadaloupe caseating nodules in skin subcutem in mucosae and internal
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stain prepared as follows take of phenic acid in solution 5 100
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JProemia tf to present a compreAensive view of tke state and progress of
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genital infiltrations are speedily followed by paralysis or vertigo
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of saturated alcoholic solution of fuchsin. The suspected
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intima of the capillaries with the formation of coagula. Clots
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repeated this three times in succession with the product of the
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mucosae colicy pains pawing the ground frothy or bloody diar
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