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fluid obtained by puncture. Filtered air slowly forced into the cavity until

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originated in the way just designated. The notion of the casual origin

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cellaneous nonendocrine group need some comment. There were two

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sirable mode of exhibiting these two valuable drugs. The proportions are

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udder is tuberculous and boil before using the milk of all

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office of Sergeant at arms last week dragged all his support

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not usually disappear until some time later. Furthermore there is

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The upper lobes show a vesicular emphysema with the formation of some


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is dry and free from wet or swampy areas. The native horses or

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energy and the talents he left with us for the future.

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The pestilential prevalence of hog cholera and other swine

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faultless form should not tempt the flockmaster. He should be

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or severe. The values for nitrogen of the blood dropped rather quickly

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tion. This is true even if the cholesterol value of the initial examination

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animals usually escape although in such a case there can be no

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which cholera vibrios were not found were divided into three classes

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swaying and staggering bespeak enervation the sheep lies con

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Laryngoscope November says of The Relation of Nasal Dis

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The disease had to be moderately active in order to give a positive

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and autumn. Not conveyed by contagion indefinitely as are plagues. Men

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absent marks detracting from their fine average had been

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of the communication of the germ by wild birds and rodents

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after a study of the organisms named them Hoematococcus. The

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faculty succeeded in the erection of the present college build

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different days even when using the same test meal and endeavoring to

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Under this name Norgaard describes a hasmorrhagic strepto

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these metabolites according to the percentage tables of Zunst and

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itics in this department and held the editorial blue pencil

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Metabolism basal metabolism in nontoxic goiter and in borderline thyroid

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solution of creosote or of B naphtliol of naphthalin of potassium

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patient with an old and ill adapted elastic truss had been

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might go beyond and destroy the tissues. Carbolic acid or chromic acid

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other wounds. Abrasions and sores of skin diseases must rank

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mends the use of the sulphate of platinum in detecting small quantities

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too the prussic acid seems to be eminently qualified to obviate

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erythrogenetic groups more or less to the megaloblastic centers diminishing

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ness impaired appetite erection of the hairs along the spine

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the disease has progressed several years commonly rendering

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low marshy infected lands from June to November and to avoid

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and intermuscular tissues and the lymph glands are far more

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seriou.sly as either one does from those obtained in Europe by

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In case oi cardiac weakness with intermittent or irregular

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sequent centuries the so called cardinal humors of the body

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We may dismiss all those cases Table 2 in which a sinus rhythm

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inhibition presumably arises because the tissue lavage into the blood

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fylegia in addlts has been considered by moM medical men a

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It hung pendulous externally to the integuments of the neck except

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curve. The number of experiments are insufficient to form any definite

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of the fetlock pastern metacarpus or metatarsus and exception

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connective tissue and even the walls of the stomach or intestine.

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poor adders might press the average below that found for normal

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ease the 6rdt to forra it but the very last to yield. Fomentations

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same dog and cauterized an hour later entirely escaped. If the

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