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Pay Hospital for Contagious Diseases. — Through the en-

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whom the entire regular profession of the state should be

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blood. Injected into animals, they may be recovered and rein-

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The .skull is a development partly of the vertebne, and

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useful for just one purpose, viz., to exclude the presence of

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William B. Corbusler, major and surgeon, U. S. A., member of n

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of Niimberg in 1562 gives detailed directions as to the

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the other inmates, which at this time has not entirely ceased.

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liam Potter, president of the hoard of trustees, and the vale-

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a hysterectomy, leaving 12 cases operated on in good

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cause I feared the damaging influence on the tissues

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radical, whereas nitrites, which are isomeric with them,

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it is purposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 187S

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through the literature of hysteria shows that it has not

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ciations, the Western having granted a rate of one fare

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sible may lead to a judicial inquiry. In another case in

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systems. There is no atrophy of the affected muscles

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Muscatine (Iowa) Medical Society. — ^At the annual meet-

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move from one state to another. The figures quoted in the

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through similar tests without protest, -and the publicity

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complete recovery and the doctor, beyond anesthesia of the

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localized peritonitis and possibly mesenteric thrombosis or

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month. Complete motor and sensory paralysis ; vesicorectal paraly-

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on the temple, another over the orbit and a third behind the

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As the treatment thus far had not proved satisfactory,

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population in 1860 was 1 to 523, and in 1890, 1 to 320;

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as at present, of course, but how much easier these dol-

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from these injuries are due to infection. If the concus-

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