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in all stages of development, from the spore to the mature filament.
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evidently in articulo mortis. Her pulse was barely perceptible, but extremely
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president, different members of the Municipal Council, two
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criticised by Virchow, who asserts that he has often detected
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in getting a sublimate of some kind, he contends that the same
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that ita origin conld be satisfactorily traced to importation from India.
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Dark fluid blood in the cavities on both sides of the heart, but in
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suffer from tired, aching, painful, weak feet. When ob-
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Unfortunately, no authentic information has been given as to the
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sanguine cavity which existed, gave rise to inflammation, which, as is usual
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hue; skin hot and dry, pulse quick and rather feeble, but very irregular
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surest parasiticide for Achorion Schonleinii, and since reporting the
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by introducing excision in place of amputation in the less
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northern school contained in the note where it is suggested
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him a copy. Well, the friend tries it, if he can obtain it —
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ous cellular tissue of the thigh and leg of anasarcous subjects. These little
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St. Vitus' dance, and most anything will win undeserved
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remarkably rigid. The muscles of the leg were shrunken and withered for
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London HospitaL With an Appendix on the Recent Epidemic of
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sen's title of '^interstitial nephritis/' and shall adopt it through-
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hyperplasia when the tumour is cutaneous, and often become
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A Survey of 151 Intra-oral Lesions from the East Tennessee Tumor Clinic
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more detailed account than a mere reference would have been
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ascertained, but may, perhaps, be connected with constitutional
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a great amount of disease and mortality. Hence it follows, that in all epi-
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editions^ and that preparations bearing the same name may be
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that when all the activity of the disease has subsided, much may
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difference to a Gterman, and still more to a Bossian, is very consi-
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describes the indirect or ordinary method. "We fancy that
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continued in this way, complaining of nothing but slight pain in his back
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axis of the body, then hemiplegia on the right side, and then paralysis of the
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' We have recently receiTed some moftt interesting researches of Gr&fe's upon

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