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degrees. With the elevation of temperature there may be chilly sensa-

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avoiding above all things constipation; in children and infants, especially

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muscular atrophy have been supposed to be present alone in many cases,

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.■h.'inistr.x w hi.-li .•\|M.|i.'n.'.' has shown to he of rspi.^ial vain.' to th.'

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AVith ri liard to the cause of the soinid, it should be clearly underst '

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ii.isi act so as tn cause liilatatinii of tlie iiai'cs. tlii' vocal cords are iilt-

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nences become less prominent. The alveolar process especially suflFers and

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the bacteria which it contains, but if cultures are wanted, or if the diagnosis

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tlift.iiilMisis is iiiiivrrsal tlironirliniit tin- vascular systi-m. Tin- (li'Vclo|.

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Ill animals un.l.r the iiilliieii, ,■ ,,f eiirai. or al.-oh..l. With th,. form.

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it should be treated as early as possible along the approved lines. The special

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vive it. This at least is the general result of the

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riir rise in llio I'liivr t'olldw iii(j (Icpifssinn '' i* «'

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made up largely of fatty and carbohydrate foods leaves less residue in the

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alioilt as lai'je as a small list tuhe. The sae is plaeed in a wider test

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iVdiii sdlul mil. Siii'li iciiirciits ;iit' |»iiliissiiiiii or sniliiiin uMihitr I in :i cuii

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atable food, beinir :!i) c.c. and the larsjcst V,0 o.e.. in a series of mfi obser-

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