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good surgeon if the inventor of it be perhaps excepted.
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does not seem to be well acquaint with the character of the
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Cattle much more than horses are liable to tran smis.sion of
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required in contagious pneumonia. The irritable cough may be
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handy reference book. It contains all the information neces
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be spared without much loss according to Dr. Bremser. The spigelia
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in the longitudinal sections the distinct bundle arrangement Fig. 6. The
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In all animals alike active or continued exertion rouses or in
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bent but moved around with difficulty as if one rigid mass. The
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ing especially infantrymen the average systolic pressure worked out
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The tabulations showed that tube 1 extremely sensitive gave a
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winged insects or birds attracted by the decaying carcasses.
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twenty first days after the first injection. The rabbit was bled six days
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Solutions of borax boric acid sulphate or chloride of zinc perman
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tions. In no other way can you become familiar with the sentiment of
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regards the thyroid problem serves as normal control data has been
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were used directly without deductions for protein metabolism as derived
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forehead a muscular atonic condition. She now eats cereals

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