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placed at right angles, he says he has repeatedly suc-

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him to death, and when we stop trying to teach him too many

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versities, in the Winter Sessio7i of 1860- S depreciation of the bread furnished by the

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family, even though the man himself be strong and well,

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for example, small-pox. Heredity and the transmission

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loculated and localised pleurisies become important, from giving rise to

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or mechanical effect, as it thus disturbs the apposition

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following the abandonment of this system. These figures are

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but I think it is but rarely that you will see a case

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hypertrophic form either by the electric cautery . i>r by applying

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begun. One grain in solution was given twice daily for the

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The appetite varies considerably in different cases. Often it is not

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of the tuberculous ulcers, have for years performed

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hepatic ducts issue from the extremities common bile duct in the duodenal wall

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cutting throngli the dartos and tunica vaginalis, which

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tory would flow in, and the hills and valleys of Sussex would vie with the.

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teria in the presence of certain liquids of the body.'^

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being, that this above all others, is the profession you can

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tell your honor " (in a low tone), " my two simples are just laudamy and cal-

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a physician gives an opiate prescription, and thinks he

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lated since the formulation of his doctrines, and without

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pelvis; consequently he must have found that in all cases the valve was

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long from trifacial neuralgia, from intercostal neuralgia, from

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layer. According to Hebra, about a fortnight elapses from the time of

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most probable is, that it is converted into lactic acid, the latter combining

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ducing approximately 1 per cent, of the gas by being burned in 1,000

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variety of micro-organism, the bacillus pyocyanicus^ one

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A summary of accessory cultural data has already been given for

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Clauson, Carl T., 1700 — 17th Ave., Bloomer 54724

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make false claims and arouse false hopes. Rather employ our remedies

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with hysteria, it is best given in the form of enema

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consistence varies with the tissue in which they develop ;

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