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ammonia, in combination with diuretics, I had the satisfac-

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8. In one case an enormous increase in blood platelets was noted,

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W. S. Streator, aged 86 years, a prominent physician, busi-

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douche, but to resort at once to the one measure which is

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member or members of the Surgical Society grant the favour of an opinion on

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tious; sail cloth was lashed over the decks and state-

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sota and shortly thereafter was certified as a Diplomate

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years will probably result in a great many cases of chronic lung

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experiences a sensation as of feeling rather stiff bristles.

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iodids, sometimes pushed to a remarkable extent, if the

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a food, and that the organism may subsist for a variable

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Bart., Dr Sharpey, Dr Parkes, Dr Quain, Dr Rumsey, Dr Stokes. Dr Francis

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with streptococcus infection by treatment with Moser's serum.

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which were airless. A piece of nutshell was found in the

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the gall bladder musculature, make it contract and empty its con-

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condition of vessels is the essential point in the matter of

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suffer. Again we see that life exists in sight and looking on the light

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important. But even here, it seems possible that through the influence

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three days after inoculating himself with matter from a pest bubo. Of

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Symptoms. — These are of cholelithiasis — which is the important

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enclose in this communication, and which, together with the communi-

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in so far as their syphilis may have made them very

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very little experience with intubation, but my prefer-

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general observations upon the symptoms caused by uterine disease the

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Prompt relief of pain is a lot of what the practice of

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consisted entirely of a pure culture of a very short, thick bacillus. Its

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hearts in which there is a disturbance of the conduction of the impulse

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around the eye, and occasionally in the temples ; the sufferings being

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or four days ; severe at night. Since the 17th (two days ago)

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and his Work," after which the members will dine together.

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in this dislocation the head of the bone had been displaced from its

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fulness of the cathartic may be due in part to the fact

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