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appointed chair of history of medicine in the University of

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motor, sensitive, and sympathetic filaments, and the distribu-

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idea of l)eing accused of causing all the trouble my

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strict blockade had the result of enti- ely annihilating all trace

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in the flreets upon the bare ground ; we have frequently feen,

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rounding them becomes more red, swollen, and painful.

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whether mechanically or by electricity, no change is produced in the pressure

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and prevailed extensively, before any such supposed cause could

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CoMMrxicATio>fs. — Papers have been received from Dr. George T. Sliipley, U.S.N., and

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to retain tissue: used in dissecting. D. glossiitiB.

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careful scientific observation of the effects of articles of

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tum may be obscure, its wonderful utility as a factor to check patho-

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at the centre. There seems to be no doubt that the depressor

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pneumonic patient is, and after the case is over the room should be

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ulcers in that viscus among servant girls. But in the absence of the

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the lungs take place readily. When the capillary bronchia are

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disease had its own peculiar thermal features which did

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nourishment, poisons, as malaria or miasmata, &c, are

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or sugar. Pulse 88. Respiration 24. Temperature in the

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made to certain hemorrhages of the sudoriparous glands which make

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from duty in the Department of the Platte October 1,

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And now, to better understand this question of the rela-

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of their present form of Government. That was why the

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forty-nine, who stated that in November, 1899, the right

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6 oz. of water ; an oz. of bread as an exceptional indulgence.

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Palpation of left kidney region revealed some tenderness extending

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are in the solid state. In these cases also, I have largely used

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