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production of the defensive agents is not fully known though cer

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red or violet especially around the incisors mastication may be

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his mouth could not close and the monkey drooled saliva. His blood on

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potassium. Others have recovered without any medicinal treat

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mortality run very high. The same applies to debilitated ani

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ric influence although the matter formed may and does

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by the measurements taken on the larger subjects. This we interpret

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diseased or suspected stallion and to all mares that have been

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nistered. It is of considerable importance in the administration

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neous efforts in the system have contributed to effect the salu

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it is sometimes very marked sometimes slight and may even be absent

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Rushworth relates what he calls a fatal presage attending

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from the measurements with the Standard spirometer over those

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position in differentiating the germs of strangles and contagious

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diarrhoea and high fever. Straus found that young puppies were

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spite of the fact that cHnical neurosyphilis is more common in men

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consists in determining the influence of local or of constitutional

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In all equivocal cases the great object of good practice is to

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tain tumors in diabetes mellitus and in experimental

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is that the relative death rate of Jews from tuberculosis is mate

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lence supposing like all other college rumors itwould die of it

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bronchitis preceding and accompanying the attacks of dyspnea of asth

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and of the adjacent lymph glands the formation of glander

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cles and adipose tissue are prominent features. The liver is

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Pathological Anatomy. The colonization of the bacillus mallei

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increased chlorids isotonic. In the second instance the plasma volume

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of right lung vesicular and interstitial emphysema of right upper and middle

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gave an average gain from practice of 17 per cent. The seven control

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