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attacks which are difficult to distinguish from those of epilepsy, and are

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much. A mouse of 15 grams weight might be killed in

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A satisfactory method of treatment, especially in old people or tho><» whrnv-

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Of the numerous low vegetable organisms which have been found in the

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On the order of the day for considering the Lords' amend-

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zoperacid and acetanilide before its oxidizing action can become apparent.

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the patient that liquor and his system are becoming antago-

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are of minor importance. Employed at the stage I have

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exactly answers our purpose ; so that to it, combined with

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anticipated such a result. For, according to his yiew, the principal

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larity to the vomiting of a tabetic crisis is remarked on.

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water 5vi.) as an astringent topical application. This powerful astringent,

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passed into the vagina through the brim, and fairly beyond the head of the child.

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Warning: Generally, this drug is not proposed for use in females and certainly

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in the plans of the late managers. It now ajipears, from the

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where rheumatic endocarditis and pericarditis coexist, this may show it-

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Thompson, P. W., M.R.C.S.E., ou September 25, aged ft,

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April 14-16— Office Orthopaedics for the Primary Care Physician.

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that these spaces were cylindrical, and the depth was

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female oestrus has a peculiar, horn}^ ovipositor, slid-

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tuberculous cases. It is hkely to be so in those due to sepsis or internal

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times pale. Respiration is often notably disturbed, in some cases Innng

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which overcompensates the peripheral dilatation. Large toxic doses

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clearly of a hereditary nature; 390 cases of drunkenness were due

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i may be regarded as in some manner, as yet inexplica-

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Gofman: Yes, money. And It's produced harm In some cases.

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which cured them, and the refult of thefe experiments will be given

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tice. Another idea, quite as prominent now as then, is that food should

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infancy. From one to seven years is the age at which it is most

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stance, because these are not dissociated. Van't Hoff's

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of the throats of all scarlet fever patients and convalescents,

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their fate everywhere else. For it is not now and then,

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usually in the night. They are apparently analagous to

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