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Pennsylvania. He later retired from active business and made his
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also open the bursa of the olecranon, where suppuration is
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forward and are badly tolerated. They are the result of a
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splintered fragments of the inner table ; these are free and
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entered the Medical Department of Bowdoin College at
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ary contributions to the medical journals of articles on subjects
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Sections. — Caused by unequal tearing or crushing of the
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tomatic conditions determining the use of opium can easily be
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A ghastly story ! One wishes it might not be true." — Irving's
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Case 7. — Bilateral lithotomy : one minute fourteen seconds.
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some of the truest friends, and some of the noblest men with whom it has been
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patches of syphilis, on the pillars of the soft palate and on the
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If the surgeon flexes or rotates the spine in order to test the
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came lo Chicago in 1848, and was familiarly known as the
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Academy of Medicine. He holds membership in the following clubs :
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Deep sutures were then introduced on each side of those al-
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mittee being appointed for this duty 1 the audience arose
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immediately or during two or three days, and the expectora-
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hospital connections held by him eminently attest his skill as a
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why alcohol would not do as well. I prescribed digitalis 1 *, one
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Pathology. — The process is described is simple chronic arthritis (or syno-
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in Porto Rico, after which his valued experience was requisitioned
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night, his knee being often flexed at an angle of forty-five degrees.
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aptitude, and has been Professor of Medicine at the New York Poly-
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sional cough ; breathing very slow and labored. Death at
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staff of visiting physicians of Bellevue Hospital, is a director of the
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regularly, proportional to the velocity of the bullet — that is
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and anxious face to Velpeau. ' You are to die : nothing, it seems,
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work of one of his sons, Dr. Lucius Constant Bulkley, who has been
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of this city, of strong will and lymphatic temperament, aged
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Her record in private and sanitarium work for the past
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