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neck is the site of injury in 23 cases {i.e., 33 per cent.), and comes

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Professor Schluden, perhaps too severely, characterizes as no

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case of typhoid fever complicated with abscess of the

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ber 27, when he noticed that his knees and the muscles

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with marked cardiac weakness or circulatory obstruction. If occurring in

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desire it. To make such a transfer, therefore, seems

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principle — a nitrogenous organic basis — thcin, calTein,

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avoids the operation which he fears. It is best adapted

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amcebas, but the presence of pseudopodia excludes the

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conjointly with electric energy whenever thought advis-

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uieut to the best men from the different Hospitals and Schools

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who joins a talent for minute obfervation to a perfect knowledge

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ing, a h^e child, scanty liquor amnii ; another is pendulous belly

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symptoms supervene; stands in one place with muzzle

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and at the insertions of the ligaments that we will elicit pain on pressure.

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An alcoholic solution of ammonia (NHs), containing 10 per cent.,

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The Masiiachu^tts General Hospital is open without fee to Students attending the Lectures of tbe

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pain ceased at once. Slowly the part refilled, and likewise discharged

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In the summer of 1S17, while I practised medicine in

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The genius of Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam (1561), who had

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the men to collect all the faeces passed each day, so that the

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true dysentery or simple diarrhea and even at times

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about a high mess efficiency as regards saving, by teaching the cooks

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dpient consumption should always be kept in view, and physical ex-

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Believing that cell necrosis played a large part in the produc-

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really did seem to have some influence ; for when it was

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Missed Labor. Peter McEwan, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S. Edin.

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strikingly hereditary, and should be considered with apoplexy, arterio-

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fatality ratio, is a measure of mortality for a particular disease,

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which attempts this should be judged with reference to its possi-

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animal was then etherized until death was produced,

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to the poison might be, upon sudden exposure, stricken down

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