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gradually solidified. The patient, however, was car-

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For the patient who was tired of one stimulating remedy he had

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from the Writings of other distinguished Surgeons. Edited by Thomas Castle, F.R.S.,

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of would-be-thought-intelligent people, who have a special craving for

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about two inches above the pylorus, and the other two inches

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with slowing of the auricular rate, but without notable prolongation of the

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part of the abdomen or referred to the stomach, but

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A rise in temperature and an increased pulse-rate are the earliest sym-

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maceutical and pradlcal obfervations" on the medicine in

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snake). Reliable sera are also prepared by the Indian Pasteur

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likewise low. A few specialties. Davia=on Atomizers.

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to the immortal contention of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and

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as it will bear, it yields before the compressing force

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subject of so dangerous a complaint, and improve the digestive

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the ready escape of blood and scrum, the purging of the cut

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he did not consider it of much use. The involvement of the

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tastic, others similar to those that we now impute to

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has the following words : " It is unsatisfactory in a scientific, and dangerous

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the bilious vomiting and purging of cholera morbus, and rice-water

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ten, possibly one in five. It is impossible to recognize that

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heart, even the healthy heart ; rousing it to tumultuous and

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(L') di fenocolla contro le febbri malariche. Rassegna

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veins upon the verge of the anus, to believe that any mode of treat-

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of Minnesota in the capacity of assistant professor of

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tumour ; this is no doubt chiefl}^ due to the fact that an intracranial

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this disease by means of serum-therapy ; but we have not yet come to

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case at the college Saturday a week ago. I wanted to inject antitoxin.

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but about whose sputum no definite information can be obtained.

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the right calf on walking two to four blocks, painful nodules and

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notion on the part of the laundress that the disinfecting apparatus was a drying

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(C. F.) "What is malaria? Cons, internat. d'liyg. et de

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no case had the injections any effect on the foetus.

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the new edition, including, as it does, a comparatively large number of

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of times. Leaving off alcohol, within a comparatively short

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Such is tlie rapid outline of insane asylum manage-

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Delphic Oracle, or of the Sibylline Books," to use the

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tism, a-, has been recorded by Hervieux, Naumann, etc.;

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and modern surgery, with its excellent cures through timely gastro-

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is often thinned and projecting. The pons and cerebellum appear

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The mammse are accessory glands of the generative system, which

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