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and was with the troops of Henry VIII at Montreuil in 1,S44, and with
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sense have been said to be false. After his last visit the
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measles, 21 from whooping-cough, 5 from diphtheria, and 1 from small-
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ttiing tliat can be relieved, or of relieving the cholfemia by
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is kept alive by his own voluntary ante-death struggles.
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was that nearly every death from chloroform was due to it not
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hold his tongue, has now borne its natural fruit. The sanitary
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men. and when retirement is ellected either by age or by the accidents of
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Sib,— Dr. Theodore Williams, in his third lecture on A^ro-
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bladder, besides others which I have seen or have been
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will be the purt first affected by this dilatation. Long ago
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by hanging. The epidemic of inlluenza attacked the inmates and lasted
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concerned, effective investigation is made into the position
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It does not follow, however, that the Scottish system is
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in regard to the Suez Canal, in which it was arranged that
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mentary Bills Committee of the British Medical Association,
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upon arrival reasonable measures of disinfection, and a term
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ment, witli critical notes, is given of the eases brought forward
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urinary nervous, and locomotory systems showed no changes except
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it is rich in eucalyptol and free from those bodies which
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than other districts. The disease attacks all tracts more or
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tion, and even, if correct, is an unimportant variation ; in
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ing classes, and would lead to greater care being taken by
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Richardson.— On May lOth. at Benenden, Kent, the wife of J. C. Ryder
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each single stimulus isby itself insufficient, but the cumulative
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Such an accumulation of catarrhal products is well known
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period of enforced absence from work on the part of the
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increase to the'leijer population of India, assuming the spread
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are treated at considerable length, and their therapeutical
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been remarked on by the authors just referred to. The present
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Laboratory. Vol. i. London : Privately printed. 1892.
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relaxation of the order regulating the distribution of the grant

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