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cember 2-4, 1984; J. Hyman, “Toxic Vaccine Threatens

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to another. The transmission of tuberculosis from the

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Remarks. — The glands most commonly found enlarged in patients

which of the following is a predictable adverse effect of clonidine (catapres) an alpha-2 agonist

Case of Supra-Hepatic Hydatid Cyst.— By G. W. Davis.


the only condition which has been satisfied by 3000 duly

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ilies within the quarter mile radius into which I ascertained that

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ing them in place for three or four days, or apply a lateral ligature and

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structures with a scalpel handle. The same method of

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methodically explored as are the fingers of a glove.

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faculty I cannot answer for them and I leave them to endure the

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means of a minim pijjctte or measure, to ||l :;ji|7

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hot iron passed over the living tissues may be applied to points which we wish

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tion was 303 cc, individual cases ranging from 160 to 5i5 cc.

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accomplished the same results which I reported twenty years ago, and

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mary sarcoma from a dog. In the case .of carcinomata the

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stramonium, exciting a disordered action peculiar to itself; and

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symptoms of pellagra. One son, 16 years of age, has a pronounced case of

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the drug catapres or clonidine hcl

examination. And to his surprise << the os uteri was found

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