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Browning for Gun Barrels. — 1. Aquafortis and nitric

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With regard to the factor of absolute size of cells, differences

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the year 1892 it was in March, 87.2 miles per hour; for

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1 o ticn of the regular phys'cun's pract ce is ma-e i p of i res rihng "c< ugh rr.i-tu es." How many > £ those

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One may tie the duct and cysiio artery separately, but this adds a

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There they propose a State school which shall turn out graduates

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vol. ii. 2nd edit. — 12. Guinon and Parmentier. Nouv. icon, de la Salpttriire,

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been appearing from time to time in this magazine. It is

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with mind, heart with heart, under the full conviction that a

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nished by the examination of the urina In cholemics, the existence

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the end of January there was a recurrence of the " discharge " from his

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142, Helianthus canadenses, properties somewhat similar.

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be washed away and the sinus examined. If it appear to be resistant, if

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than tlie internal capsule ns the most probable site.

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The case is interesting not only for the curious situ-

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the local lesion, and 1890, when Kitasato, having prepared in

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doses four times daily. Where there is a tendency to ex-

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anything of the definite character of the Cheyne-Stokes respira-

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a firmly adherent placenta, but a solution of all of the

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AusBcheidung das Weingeistes durcli Nieren und Lungen. Arch, f.

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give rise to peritonitis. A great value of the forceps, besides

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Treatment. — The means which I have seen applied with success,

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ticed. On August 3d slight roseola appeared on the trunk. On August

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N^umerous hacilli suis are found in these parts and in the lung.

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the gauze beneath it. Over this again are placed many (12 to

cephalexin dose for cat bite

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writers have drawn attention to the antrum of Highmore in similar

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leading reviews, on the plea alone that the veil of reticence must

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the vas showing up beautifully. We will strip the sac down well

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