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liquid eflTUsions, lesions of structure or degenerations ; and added to these
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Chorea is generally regarded as a manifestation of rheumatism and
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one end, and at the other stretched over a steel rod
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that it would have been impossible not to suspect some slight
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in this way is accomplished artificial evacuations of the contents of
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it must be confessed that the investigation of the nervous phenomena,
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autopsies show that ten to twelve per cent, have these
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ter of great Importance. There is no question, that confinement and
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Symptoms. The symptoms of this disease are considered under
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earlier allusion to it than that in a paper communicated by Dr. Ward
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no indication in the character or frequency of the pulse^
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Dr. J. M. Todd. — The family “Todd” has a genealogy that dates back to
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ligature and dropped back. The purse-string suture is employed by
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The daily intake of 2,058 calories, corresponding to 25 calories per
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"brother of the celebrated actor, Charles Young, and was for many years
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Rltpeiir fronj diseusc i)f that orjjim. You will also find
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the body, but these two stimulate epithelial cancers
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changed as soon as they are soiled. The attention and
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ambulant ; besides there are probably not less than
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also, that certain portions of it possess the specific powers of the nervous system in a much
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admitted that the part which tissues in general might play have not
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corps of teachers in all these schools. We have a sufficient
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body fourteen hours after death. On making an incision along the side
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Fig. 39 — anemia, diarrhoea, emaciation and possibly
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bodies are produced more quickly and attack the micro-organisms after
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the periods of balance, when the food partaken of was accurately
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Erratum.— On p. 350 of our last number, line 34 from top, in
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value can be given, the duration being determined by at least two
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stated that many cases of cystitis were best treated by median
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He had tried to demonstrate at that early day that this means
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by amyl alcohol (wild cherry), an alkaloid soluble in

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