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always manifest indications of constitutitional suffering and dis-

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effectually silences the clamours of the vanquished, and leaves

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properties, as a simple consequence of haemorrhage and exposure of the parts, the results of

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to the patient, and she has assured the physician that she is

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provoke an emission of rays. At once he recognized that

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in some instances it is positively injurious. In the early

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has actually landed on our shores ; one case having been reported in New

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or by design this may be used in the preparations. To obviate this latter

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Infection and complication in the injuries, methods of surgical prevention of,

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necessary effect of these changes, but it will vary in form, according to

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become infected by tubercle bacilli: (1) The hsematogenous or descending

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cases. In 3 of these the disease was acquired from prosti-

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the obsessives; these were the people who failed or

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or conld be suggested the fecal fistula persisted for qnite a length of

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<>r the instrument, with which we are most familiar and from

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bromine in 52 cc. acetic acid, chilling with ice. The mixture is then

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NACKE. Berlin, klin. Woch. 1890, xxvii. p. 485. — 147. BiONDL Boll. d. din..

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In inflammation of the mncous membrane of the alimen-

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working men whose services have been rendered in obscure

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Guanaxuato, part of the inhabitants even drink, with impunity,

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