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You have means at your command by which you can determine whether
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days catarrhs petechise stocked legs pectoral swelling encreasing
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If any one of these charts is studied alone it might appear that
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sterile women as in a group in which one or more pregnancies have
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Youth has its influence even if it means only that the system
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article. These early papers are interesting but frequently lacking in
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with the infected the introduction into the manger of the feet or
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useful. The eye becomes more irritable and less manageable
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CEdema of the end of the penis obliteration of the folds around
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throughout appears normal in structure and variations in thickness depend on
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have suggested that it is not sanitary. We have never seen evidence to
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the chlorid concentration and total chlorids were already relatively high.
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affected chicken. Other agents recommended are carbolic acid
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More commonly death will take place in 4 to 7 days. Some
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venereal gentlemen will kindly refrain from removing their
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All or nearly all cases.seen in 1896 were in parturient ewes
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and horsepox following in this the smallpox of man. Absolute
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in the reducing of its evil results its success is indeed based on
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accessoryflivers. One or the other of the principal lobes may
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the virulence Galtier as does also citric acid bromine chlorine
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possessed by these germs of robbing the healthy tissues of their
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by another channel. They inoculated mice at the root of the tail
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tion were excluded. In Table 5 are shown the hemoglobin percentages
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though really guilty of giving unnecessary pain and running
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impairment or complete loss of appetite and a loss of life and
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am able to learn particularly inefficient in fitment for that purpose I
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incipient stage treatment may be warranted. The patient should
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Surgeon at Port Colville and as the Indian Agency physician
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frequency of non coital infection is shown in Numann s cases af
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tococcus that appeared to the eye as small granules. It proved

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