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Officer was delivered without manuscript and Dr. Way

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and strengthen the patient by stimulating vaso motor centres

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the acid produced by katabolism to form bone and are a

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lower limbs loss of speech and defective intelligence. Asylum with

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from a stratified random sample of patients admitted for

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advice I wish to thank Professor Hektoen in whose laboratory

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secretion and increased absorption from the thyroid proportional

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Less frequent symptomatic postural hypotension is experienced

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Prognosis. In young individuals it is good but in the old it is

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Tumors. Operative measures have not been successful partly

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Dr Lewis graduated from the Columbus Medical College.

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meaning and importance. Based on observations of multi

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on section numerous puncta vasculosa. The convolutions are flattened

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a half. Rarely were these erections accompanied by an emis

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regular teeth the gums often swollen the frequent strabismus the

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was cc. and. of sugar by the copper test was found

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bay for a number of bright skilled American dentists.

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and on the th of January the bandages and splints were

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of the tongue increases and spreads to the lips and other parts

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beneath the skin. Rodet has attempted to adduce diag

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tion for the next epidemic that they were scarcely to be weighed in

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the development of acute osteomyelitis with acute pyaemia and

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always be esteemed in making crosses though sometimes latent

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means of a four tailed bandage to prevent collapse. When the

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