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internal otitis. In such cases the paralysis is peripheral, not central.

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-*- Lp.'-turcr on Mnttrin Medina at St. Mary's Hospital Mrdicnl School.

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than to begin with a minute perusal of this book, and

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liar ones, copiously illustrated with diagrams and figures, many of which are original. The

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sents a t3rpical termination, B shows two smaller ones attached to a common

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In connection with the paralysis of motion, the sensibility in the af-

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admission. Croton oil, gtt. j, every two hours until operation, was

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stroke. Congestion and Anaemia of the Spinal Cord. Hemorrhage within the Spinal Canal.

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Several considerations, however, cast a doubt upon that opinion :

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The main division of the N. mandibularis (fig. 3, Man.) assumes

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form of delirium has been distinguished as delirium ehriosum. It is

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considered indigenous to the green isle. We are pleased with

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Mortem Appearances produced by Typhous Fever in Dub-

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to Cajal, the locus coeruleus cells constitute a separate system,

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not merely to coincidence, but to a pathological connection. Of the

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gradually increases, while the more central protoplasm, the

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centrated within the tliroat. Occasionally the efflorescence in the skin

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