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memory and of abiUty to concentrate attention mentioned frequently
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produce local inflammation and exudation and procure immunity
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around the bacillus. Though usually isolated in the living blood
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some distant part. Stimulation of the outer margin causes diffuse
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curious facts and seem to confirm the opinion of the author
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except the bovine races chickens and under ordinary circum
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especially tends to encrease and apart from the foci of softening
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or caseous or grumous contents containing a bacillus Nocard.
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and laryngeal parotidian pulmonary abdominal hepatic pancreatic
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changes. I have often had the last statement forcibly im
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tract the disease. Thus the carnivora and omnivora dog wolf
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the hands and forearms. One hour and fifteen minutes before death there was
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Nervous System St. Luke s Hospital Consulting Neurologist to Mary
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tissues were usually of a yellow color varying from sulphur to
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experience that with injection of thyroxin the maximum eft ect does not
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and their poisons but even this action is transient and when it
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aged 12 years. Specimen diluted with physiologic solution of sodium chlorid.

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