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suffocation may occur in a few hours but more commonly the

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there has been a considerable amount of research into the physiologic

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The diagram of Quain Fig. 13 shows that in the embryo a part

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der litter harness etc. Cold is equally harmless to it It has

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dirty white brown or black and composed of.superposed layers

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were met with in the lungs The spleen exhibited a very sin

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though so long a ppriQd has since elapsed no other persons seem to

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Mr. Earle laudably solicitious to maintain the high charac

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globules and the escape of hsemaglobin. In other cases there

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was more devoted to his calling than was Dr. Helm to the

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pollen of the common grasses and 2 late hay fever which occurs

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proaching at times to the appearances shown in lung plague

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encreased in size presents in the centre a depressed or umbilicated

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showing we Americans that the enchantment is at home. He

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necropsy each of these patients showed bilateral large white kidneys.

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crystals vesicular emphj sema bilateral complete adhesive pleuritis isolated

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was rather unreasonable to expect much from 10 minims of car

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Occasionally small beaded vegetations occur alongside of large ones

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adhesion and lung hepatization. The age of this subject was op

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He did not make phenominal progress in anything but the

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At the end of the book the author inserts a Synopsis of

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throughout but usually a number of the nodules show a caseated

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tuberculosis are of low value or profitless to keep. Further as

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At a recent meeting of the class of 99 Franing was cho

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would this time accommodate the class but instead of a story he

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taken place. The subsequent appearance of the same complaint

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automatic follow up system of patients has been established. It is

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observed one s thoughts may find themselves totally diverted from the

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The junior work in the dispensary has necessitated some

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dered in such a manner as to carry conviction and that is one

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