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tail may be amputated above the highest swelling and the stump

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Erythrocytes observations on vitally stainable reticulation and chromatic

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submaxillary glands sometimes swell and even suppurate and dis

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boys. Dr. Broughton can find such a list in the Seventeenth

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Marquis de Poncius and Pry insist strongly on this. On a farm

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and others have noted a leucocytic infiltration of the perivascular

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with his legs and thighs upon the bed as high as the furniture

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sent for each new supply reeking with abominations which render

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section of the vagi but not after section of both vagi and splanchnic

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Lesions. The head was the seat of marked venous and capil

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Toward the Arctic circle the Indian must crowd into closer quar

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a most effective mode of transmission but the virus undoubtedly

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the bowels gently. Besides this he orders two clysters daily pre

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Definition Vesicles usually on external genitals with fever and infec

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to our organ official organ I mean if we do not prove anything.

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prevailed in asses in Greece as noted by Aristotle. Its contagious

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member of the State Medical Board of Examiners and was last

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in less time and from a much less number of followers 75 000

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nounced absorption of the calcareous salts osteoporosis and with

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the Danubian Principalities Italy Spain the South of France

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tion. That the prussic acid possesses great powers in curing

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the air from the lungs is necessary for measuring the vital capacity

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culture or by passing through the body of an unsuitable animal

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setts General Hospital Instructor in Pathology Harvard University

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very successful career in his chosen profession. Dr. Tillison

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