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mother noticed that boy did not speak plainly and that liquids

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his paper on The Relation Between Some Perineal Lacerations

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Seventy three 63.4 per cent. have succumbed to heart disease in

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the formation of clots in the heart and large vessels and advocates

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tain Urinary Constituents as Determined bj Changes in the Character of the

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drops off exposing the muscles the tendons or the ligaments of

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force of gravity. The circulatory failure is secondary to a failure of

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and some excellent stories. The reproduction of Titan s La

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He has also found excellent results in complex infections in

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derived from ten experiments on three normal persons while they were lying

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TABLE 1 Cardiac Mortality with Sigxificaxt T Wave Xegativity

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velops promptly and fatally. Over exertion producing sarco

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my life where I have done mischief I think it is pretty clear

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the Sanborn. Forty one subjects were included in this series and the

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so that the paralytic does not appear. The prominence of one

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ra ed above are truly appalling. They exhibit spinal com

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nounced absorption of the calcareous salts osteoporosis and with

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