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non liquefying chains grows freely on culture medja. Pathogenic to sheep

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missible in a country in which cattle plague is already generally

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You must examine the history of the indivual as well as the family

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provided that such conditions as starvation hypopituitarism and hypo

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under the litter in the darkest corner but soon start without ap

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bilitated cases. The color of the skin the mucosae and normally

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hours after its birth when we made the following observations.

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They are covered with petechise mostly small or punctiform. If

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thoroughbred herds of cattle in which the cows are preserved as

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Later when the nodules have softened and formed irregular and

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digenous herds generally in the regions infested with this para

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toneal covering of the wall was tested for sensation by inserting a

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bacteria as the causal agent in this case of asthma.

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and as the secretion is not arrested a dangerous product may be

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the spasms the absence of paralysis the marked spasms of the

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to those of acute glanders but are less angry and when small and

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nephropathies to that of predominant cardiac disease because of falling

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and spasmo toxin which in large doses caused tetanic.symptoms

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in which the redness of the juice shows that the albumen has not

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in all derivations of the electrocardiogram practically trebles that of the

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by its inventor would seem too irritating on the delicate lungs

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of the two following liquids united just before using

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equally positive in this position. Galtier says we should abso

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Prof. Haines was confined to his house with a very severe

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centre and infiltrated periphery have proved very successful. In

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depends on the color dilution of a known amount of dye when circulated

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