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ances of the gastro-intestinal tract always hold the first place in their

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dence of the purification that was going on was noticed,

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physicians have been able to confirm the discovery in 1903 by Negri

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damages brain tissues, but this result in nowise differs from similar

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the disease. Actual loss of hearing may occur from locomotor ataxia,

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their phthisis to a cold which they caught, with its accompanying

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ful or may produce a sense of distressing fatigue, with the further de-

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ure IS normally only slight and transient in its effect on the


will reduce the tumefaction of the bronchial mucous membrane and

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allowed a few drops of vitreous humour to escape. In a

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the urinal basins, which discharge into a concealed pipe at

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We shall be glad if some of our Irish readers will forward to us the

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the former stricture, and the patient was afterward fed exclusively

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quent experience bears out the conclusion of the Royal Uom-

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Hypertrophy of the hair in relation to birthmarks has, as I

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Narrowing the chink of the glottis may also cause dyspnea from

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physician can infer how much of the cough is due to mucus to be ex-

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should be given in half-teaspoonful doses every half-hour.

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ences. The whole history of acute neurogenous gh^cosuria and daily

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Some writers have advocated the use of vaccines made from cultures

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tables or bimches of lettuce before sending them to market. Why

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and Microscopes) measures 70 feet by 30 feet, with roof and

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minutes. About three inoculations are given in all. For the first

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never so great as when due primarily to obstruction in the portal cir-

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mogastric Nerve, 606 — Spinal Accessory Nerve, 608 — ^Hyp>oglossal Nerve, 609.

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thick arms and crooked legs. The head is flat at the top, narrow in

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In the list of Birthday honours published last week, the

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blocking the orifice with one finger in the rectum. I found,,

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Clinical Course. — ^Some days before the rash appears on the sur-

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KINGS COLLEGE HOSPITAL.- An-Tisthetlst Applications to Mr. J. W.

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(ranking as Lieutenant Colonel) John Prior Purvis (retired), 2nd Volun-

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