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escaping with a violent effervesence ; and the iron turnings re-

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that the uterus remains in good position the patient

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cal dermatoses, linea albicantes, strije atrophic<-e et

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deepened to anesthesia by constant breathing of the

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in either the normal gland or in preexisting patho-

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globules. I dissected the rudiments of the following year's

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trinsic tendency of the disease to recovery, therapeutical indica-

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mixed forms ]>redominate vv'th various bacteria,

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cillus in seventy-five per cent, of fifty-two clinical

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symptom, rendering speedy delivery necessary, by withholding

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feet ; so that the estimates of authors are not quite correct.

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the staff, I am indebted for valuable assistance in

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to an examination, and that would settle the question.

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Smith. — In Rochester, N. Y., on Tuesday, March 25th,

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microscopically, his physician sought to control his

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lint smeared with cerate laid over the wound, which was retained in

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serves mention on account of the influence exercised on the

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used, but are being rcrited out. The mortality rate

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Price. — In Springfield, Mass., on Saturday, March 22d,

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of this view. The question of surgical interference

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IS especially the case with the fall hay fever, when

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treatment ; for the powers and faculties, both of body and mfcnd,

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much more perfect, and there was less contraction of the im-

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but it is found that the bleeding soon recurs. Some

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Prepare early for transfusion, and as soon as there

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to abandon our procedure for the second time, feel-

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mulus of one kind, tor more than a week, but to exchange the

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and this was a valuable addition to the technic. The

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of affections, croup, foreign bodies in the larynx, spasm of the

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before her admission, she was in excellent health, menstruated re-

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icith Remarks on its Development in the human Embryo,

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As the natural result of Laennec's discoveries, many of the

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