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the Society of Biology of Paris, to which I communicated
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tion," the Board did not consider it expedient to propose any change in
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parts aseptic during labour seems to be much more philosophical.
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'I he curioub plan of telling the patient to rise up after ti eating hira as a
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by a deep radiate zone. In the central bodies a very fine
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report, when it is published, will be sufficient answer. All
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of Tobago, in recognition of the promptitude and independence of their
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of similar features, in which such causation is not traceable,
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been returned through the Dead Letter Office, a copy of which
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many thousand pounds, and to necessitate special rates of as
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:appointed medical oflicers, entirely ignoring that carried out
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to be owing to obstruction of the ureter by torsion or kinking.
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America saying that no simple extraction, that is, one with-
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Mr. William Gray Makshall, M.B., is appointed Surgeon-Lieutenant
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third, a fine young woman of -.'i years, had not been vac-
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either wholly or in part occurs. Following out the compari-
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EiThe following have passed the Fin,al Examination (Part II) :
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which, in the judgment of the Surgeon-General was inconsistent with the
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London ; Dr. J. H. Ashworth, Halstcad; Dr. P. J. Allan, London ; Pro-
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ments. ' The work, which is published by Mr. B. C,)uaritch, is
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have recommended that the following be judged to have passed thia
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yield in value and interest to the recent papers of Mondan and
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symptom. It is easier to account for the return of the pain
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adhesions around its apex, and more or less muco-purulent
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lowed by drowsiness and coma, and he died within forty eight hours after
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windlasses and steering gear, and the crews sufl'ered in some
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. .■ .■ mew's Hospital ; and C F. Le Sage. London Bospital.
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thod of working and the arrangement of the Report. The
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failure. The fever did not require active treatment unless it
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seven months, were invariably fatal to the animals into which
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have addressed a strong protest to the Secretary for War on
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Professor of Therapeutics in the University of Kasan from
cence has been well established, but no period beyond three
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when incision of the duct and removal of the concretion, as
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tV.e profess. Tl;e peritoneum thus ffeed is turned back, as is-
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Dr. E. M. Skerritt, Clifton ; Mr. J. J. Skigg, London ; Dr. W. Spackman,

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