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has cells circulating in the blood, having made their way into it

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this preventive method we may retard the issue of the same, although its

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It is a fair inference, that on account of the profound

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have conducted themselves honourably in the practice of

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the other intraperitoneally, from the patient on March 4, both were nega-

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who require to be \-isited at their own homes. Thereafter a

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T-1, is the least frequently seen. Most infants are large and

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of enucleation depending upon the fibrous or adenomatous condition of the

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some delirium, more pungent heat of the skin, and marked

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macopoeia are we thoroughly acquainted ! This may be deemed a spe-

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or steer gets sick and begins to lose flesh, examine the tail, and if

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only the first set of these factors was susceptible of

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case recorded b>' Dr Starr, in which, while the patient was

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and iv.), or ate by the priests (c. vi. 10. c. vi-i. c. x. xii. &c.)

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larly through the circle of WiUis. The reason for this difference u

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any arrest or alteration or suppression of the action of these important organs, must,

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i.ility as near as possible, and showing, at the same time,

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I am not aware that the notes have l>een publishetl

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!>kin may he attenuated and distended. But these means cause pain. The cure is

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nucleated red cells. The autopsy confirmed the result of

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tion does not usually affect the general health, but may be very

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action of the blow penetrates before it is destroyed by friction. The relatively

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As regards the etiology of ocular paralysis one need not be other than

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pitals. This wide-spread and immediate adoption of what

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the giving of medicines, but the distribution of food. It is the

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the bladder from the kidneys, but they are generally found in the

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after which the patient commenced his daily labors, with

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quent distribution of each separate lot of this cargo, but we are

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the disease; for although it is said that the family of Steams was cut off

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the wide field of the science of Materia Medica are too

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later period, viz., active delirium, typhomania, carphologia, and subsultus

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and much benefit is usually obtained from the relief of tension and

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medical societies of the following States had made no nominations

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source of embarrassment of respiration. " Pigment induration" of the

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to 2 [*. in length. Although most of them are round, they vary

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bone at the elbow is the ulnar nerve ; when it is struck, the prin-

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