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family on I Ong Island that lost from tuberculosis 139 cows. A
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CEdema of the end of the penis obliteration of the folds around
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Among the other affections on which it supervenes may be named
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the bone marrow in a case of chlorosis. That might be all
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the Freer prizes were established that if a man would not
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the apparent prolongation of incubation is due to fortuitous cir
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later shows in the centre a tran.slucent or gray mass of lymphoid
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are due primarily to the proportion of these substances. Kafka finds
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of damage it had suffered experimentally or through disease. But
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extended head and limbs. This may prove fatal in a few hours.
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pound weight. No deduction as to their relative size could be made.
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cheron shows a very ready susceptibility and a virulent and fatal
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tions of cattle with the last named bodies throws an air of doubt
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intestines of hens turkeys and palmipeds and sometimes confined
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clozapine (clozaril fazaclo odt)
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repeated examinations but was positive for spirochetes after rinsing of the
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four plus in 8.5 per cent of miscellaneous medical cases including
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phobia tuberculosis syphilis leprosy diphtheria typhoid in
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constant depletion through deaths and the disposal of dry cows
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cles as a whole are wasted to an extreme degree but this atrophy
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more time consuming this method has the advantage of showing at
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Disinfection. The experiments of the Bureau of Animal In
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in other infectious diseases. Moreover Wooldridge pretends
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and perplexing circumstances in the history and propagation
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ment of the bowels. The swelling is just over the brim of the
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of the company in the cast gives assurance of a pleasant even
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this paper I have given the following classification or arrange
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As the skin becomes cooler and more moist and the pulse
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pigeon and inoculate with the pigeon s blood on three successive
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slight. Also grouping endocrine and nonendocrine cases together 81

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