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Mental diseases usually manifest themselves in one of two
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understood. In the great majority of cases the probability is
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mammary eruption the cuticle being rai.sed by an abundant clear
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a great national struggle and mysteriously throws back every
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natural phenomena is by direct personal observation and ex
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among the Chinese the fact that the patient in many communities
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syringe. The following remarks from so experienced a prac
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hyperthermia with remissions pulse weak soft rapid perspiration diar
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The chest was increased anteroposteriorly and contracted laterally. The bones
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mucosa. In many places the gastric glands do not extend to the
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the wound of which being taken prisoner he died the next
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chloride 1 2000 carbolic acid 2 100 silver nitrate 1 250 calcium
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food water brushes utensils clothing attendants cats vermin
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oxygen content was markedly lowered reflecting and largely due to the
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being hypothyroid conditions pituitary changes were found in three
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stallions and mares should be registered and none should be
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eosinophile cells. The urine was not decreased in amount. Death followed a
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a correct diagnosis if such cases present leukemic blood pictures. The
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being absent. A chronic cough with a slight purulent discharge
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culiar to the presence of Luschka s tonsil. Oral respiration
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gases sprays and solutions. Internally tonics sulpho carbolates iron
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shows pasty swelling of the sheath swelling shrinking or dis
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Medication Free purgation with calomel and soda salicy
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any further prelude as any remarks which we may have to make
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out the left had pervious areas anteriorly and posteriorly there
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ised before leaving to write us from the North. We shall look
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gland cells are swollen and contain no eosinophil cells. Smaller bronchi have
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membranes the peritoneum and pleura. An individual be
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With thorough cauterization shortly after the bite there is
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not only to the skin and muscles but also to the cartilage and
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vious prevalence of the disease in the country or district or dis
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bronchiole to the bronchial infection in which it is found has not been
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