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The patient should therefore be tested in standing and
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accomplished before, and it had become traditional in that latitude that
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of the frequency of this condition is shown by the fact that bacilli are found
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2. Those connected with the joints, muscles, tendons, and fasciae.
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forms of nervous irritation or excitement, as, for instance, in
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24 per cent. But in the last series (over eighty), the father
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partly through the natural choice and gallantry of its early
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an error and thereby cause an outbreak of scarlet fever. Too much emphasis
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serum disappear by the action of the phagocytes. Intra-uterine infection has
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or there may be leukopenia. During this period a leukocytosis means some
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favorable soil. In the absence of efficient compulsory vaccination we must
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festations the frequency with which cutaneous lesions are noticed differs in
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and which if cut into are proved to be the results of great vascular hypersemia
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slowness is not constant but is seen perhaps only during the morning hours
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posing them is exuded into the kidney tubules it solidifies
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hours to three days after onset. These cases are often intensely hemorrhagic.

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