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Where houses are numerous, few flies will of the left testicle twelve days after both

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ondary anaemias and also anasarca, but these symptoms rapidly dis-

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dissolved away, and the sterili/.ition nroce-s is actively continued, it seldom

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to too great heat. From the latter cause relaxation of

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the rapid dissolution so frequently resulting from intense gastric

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eligible, desires associate or partnership or oppor-

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is in but one volume, and therefore much more conven-

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be the height of the child's elbow when sitting. The

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in practice, to be dismissed in this summary fashion ; and this view I hope to be

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the virus of a very fatal infectious disease of fowls, known as ' chicken-

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foundation. A memorial contribution can provide financial aid to a

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of the blood — but these latter changes still partial and not far

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strain. Jled. News, N. Y., 1896,' Ixix, 12. — IMailack

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be started at an instant's notice — a turn of the crank and you are

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Economy. — There is a matter of saving directly to the county in

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difficulty in restoring him. I saw in consultation, some

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tee on law. It, therefore, seems certain that it is

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I luing by Wright's method patients that he had failed to benefit

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the digestion. The general principles which should regulate

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nerve nuclei. The medial branches to the eleA-enth and twelfth nuclei

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to secure uniform medical legislation in the different states, and, if present

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the menstrual discharge ; it is also indicated by constipation in individuals

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be too late to prevent general syphilis? — Land. Med. Record, June 15, 1880.

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and hed^sores. Thete is nbthifflg necesBartiy fatal in eomplete and per-

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congestion and collapse : in a plethoric habit and in females

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came Medical Officer of Health his efforts have been con-

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ing the tampon screw along it, it is an easy matter to

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( M. ) Epitlu'lieii auf dm' Jiiiiniilliiclin <lci- S( li:ilciiliaut

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bromide, but the strength of the solution is not stated.

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