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wealthy planter-families, and studied medicine merely for plantation use or

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and these muscular fibres, a more intimate relationship exists than is now supposed. And

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great veins cut, the blood drains out and the brain looks anaemic ; if the

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fever, on a visit to a village near Oxford ; first one of the

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than have recourse to a strait-waistcoat. I have known more than one instance

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disease and cutaneous inflammations resulting from chemical or other

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ing statement of cases and deaths reported during the two

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" glittering Generalities." All this is wrong. There are

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the absence of all constitutional symptoms, [turned to the left, otherwise violent sneezing

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orate before the incision is made. In general, the. less the skin is irri-

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of the employment of the catheter is a serious one. The use of a catheter,

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be an error, and with his accustomed promptitude he opened

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looks up, the elbow being kept off from the side; then holding

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it in both the inorganic and organic kingdoms. The arrangement

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case they would be unable to effect an entrance to their definitive host, man. These

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parchment), a word coined from the name of the city in

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or miliary, and the yellow or crude r According to Bayle, the

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Dr. Fox prefers solution of the drug in traumalicin to

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quartz lens excites on the skin this is made anemic, so that

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any attention to the limb, but continued with it bent,

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Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, of the Reign of

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Are its words more precious than those of the Academy

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temporal^ ligature under tlie vessel in order to obtain temporary

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When he sits up he feels somewhat dizzy, and says upon

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or the contents of the stomach. Involuntary discharge of stool and urine

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fourth case included under the head of perityphlitis was

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the pubes, and a new growth was exposed very closely adherent to the

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surgeon, and it appears to me greatly to be desired that experiments should

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followed, and the illustrations are in man^^ cases striking

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weight. It was a poorly nourished specimen as well as small, but it

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purely morphological characteristics, has been used as the basis of

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poi)(leial>iliniii in geuere et de viribus vitalibus

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Rhixology, by Dr. J. Homer Coulter, of Chicago; Report ox Progress

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weeks, and in the other twenty days ; but the obstruction in both these

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Scattered far and wide over North Carolina, in every city, town and

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discharge of blood and urine which continued a long time, but on

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little red and black cells, each with many ramifying processes, begin

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years of age, was the subject of a sarcomatous tumor of the larynx,

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patients sent to the hospital for bronchopneumonia are afterwards,

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