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especially low in phosphorus content. 2 Fat very low. 3 Carbo
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behind the left elbow is usually forcible and may show variation
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disease general arteriosclerosis chronic nephritis chronic myocarditis
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ities count for nothing or that good teachers are of no use and
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trouble. You should see our baby. There is no one like
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Inoculation. Experimental inoculations have transmitted the
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results as that for radical cure of hernia and the mortality is
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health and vitality. He is used to clear up the soiled and spoiled
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form the basis from which investigations into the nature of
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Earl of Lindsey the King s General received in his thigh
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Some cases have appeared in the submaxillary and pharyngeal
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autogenous vaccines was followed by short periods of improvement. This
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A comparison of the five groups demonstrates that the serum exerts
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Counter irritants applied to the throat or if need be to the
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while they were standing Fig. 6. It shows that during inverted lying the
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tem of vigor and hardihood laid it open to the attack of the
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sensibility to light depends. The proposition is supported by
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In striking contrast to these data are the results in the control series
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ectasis Plate 2 D. The maior portion of these areas consist of closely
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cows which had supplied him with milk were then proved con
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naturally exposed to infection by milking or treating the diseased
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exhibition of antimonials given in such doses as will keep up
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account of the great excess of wild horses and their devouring

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