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\\<S fdvearm, when an immediate cnrtailment df Iihiddflovv takes pltice.
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Composition — Dextrins75*^ • Maltose 24^ • Mineral Ash 0.25^ • Moisture
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of their digestive apparatus and to appear in their feces without
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man (1951); Edward Massie, St. Louis (1951); Guy D. Calla-
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ary 1, 1907. These horses had a total farm valuation of $10,437,182,
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Carpenter, George W Chillicothe Dowell, Donald M Chillicothe Thompson, Enruna A. B.
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2. They must never get uutx>iled colostrum, household milk, or milk from
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located as described in any one of the preceding five paragraphs, but are slight and
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less than a 3 per cent commission and to sell only to the wholesale
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stone saturated with sulphuric acid, the second two soda lime, and
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dense ).lc\lis. .■Ntcndiiii;- intu .•iiid hetvM'cn the secretory cells. The lin's'
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exclusive of those made by the Food and Drug Administration-
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inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry, and which are shipped In clean and disin-
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Paris figures for mutton occasionally exceed those of Berlin, this
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is no less remarkable than an organism that varies greatly from its
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single low power field. The predominance of light fibers serves for the
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